Most of us use banks, we don’t usually have a choice. It often comes as a condition of employment. I guess they have their uses such as allowing us to set up bill payments, a place to keep large sums (if you have any) of money, safe.

Because we use them they make money for themselves, I have no problem with that per se. What I do have a problem with is banks pretending they are there to do us all favours. The adverts they produce are excruciatingly patronizing.

Face it, if you are one of the majority who do not have a great deal of cash to spare, if any, then banks are most certainly not on your side. They charge us ridiculous and frankly greedy sums of money for the smallest of overdrafts. If we have financial difficulties above our norm then the wonderful banks are even more ruthless. My bank charges £1 a day for agreed overdrafts, go over that and it’s £5 a day. Ok, you say, do not have an overdraft or if you do then do not exceed it. Fine, I agree to a point. But what I do not agree with is the untenable sums charged and what is the main point of this post, the pretending that they care about us.

Why don’t they just admit that they are about profit making for the shareholders and to generate a cut for the bosses. I get it, banks are a business, great. But that is all they are, they are not, as they pretend to be, altruistic utopian style organizations out only to make our lives better.

Who gives you extra? Maybe banks do, but at a cost.


Have a look at this site. Ok, now if you do not know the story of the Allison family and their fate on the Titanic or if you know a little, then what is being claimed by the owner of this site is probably intriguing. Maybe it leaves you wondering ‘What if it’s true?’…..

Then bear with me while I attempt to set you off on a journey of your own to find the real truth.

What astounds me is that anyone is prepared to believe these incredible claims . If they carried out just the smallest amount of research then very quickly the entire story just collapses, even without the need for DNA.

If we accept that Ms. Woods did start out believing her grandmothers story, and who can blame a little girl for that, we must also accept that she herself has time to carry out research.

We are told about a ‘Suitcase’ full of amazing things which back the claims up. We are being asked to wait until it is “All published”. In the meantime we get soundbites and sensational claims and statements.

One claim is so heinous that a direct living relative of Evangeline Kramer (and indeed of Ms. Woods herself), and Dr. Lester Walsh, is being asked to accept that his grandfather was a peadophile.

We are asked to believe the impossibilty, for that is all it can be, of Mr Thomas Andrews escaping the Titanic and ending up in England with Loraine where he “Raised her as his own”. All without being recognized! This outrageous claim alone causes a total collapse of the whole thing and proves it to be nothing but a lie. This alone should at least set alarm bells ringing in everybodies mind.

We are being asked to believe that Loraine forgot who she was, who her parents were and that she had a brother. Despite the fact she was nearly three. We are being asked to believe she then just took Hyde to be her father. Really? Think about it. She forgot her name, her family and anything else about herself and her previous life. Can you truly take that seriously?

Now what I am asking you all to do is go read the information and claims on Ms. Woods site. Go read her posts on Encyclopedia Titanica

and also on the THS website

Then please, reasearch everything starting from the night of the sinking. Then your eyes will open to the real truth.

Update 21/10/2012:

Now Ms. Woods is so obviously backing out and trying to save face. See the above threads for details. Look how some fawn over her every word it is sickening. Please people, just examine the details of the claim from the very begining and you will see very quickly that the whole thing is a shameful lie.

Further update 06/01/2013

Well, here is another turn up for the books, have a look at this Marriage Licence Application:


The above is an application for marriage between Lester Leo Walsh and Naoma Schwallie

Save the image to your own computer and note that Lester’s mother’s name is Evageline Irene Lee Hyde

Her birth place is given as “Calumet – Michigan” so why put that if she always thought she was born in the U.K?

You will also note that Lester’s birthdate is given as July 27 1918.

So, if his mother genuinely WAS little Loraine Allison this would have made her… 9 years and 1 month old and just 8 years and 4 months at the time of conception

Citing this Record

“Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Dec 2012), Lester Leo Walsh and Naoma Schwallie, 1939.


children’s birthdays

Lester Leo Walsh – 27 July 1918
Eugene Walsh –
Adele Ferguson – 1930
James Ferguson –
Patricia Julie Kramer – 21 July 1935
John Lawrence Kramer – 12 July 1937

What can I add? Anyone out there still convinced of Ms. Woods’ honesty?

Update: 17 February 2013:

I have recently been contacted by Ms. Woods who says she stands by her claims. All I see is a publicity stunt to gain interest in a book. Well, what a shock, a book before proof of claims via DNA. What bugs me is that people will buy it.

She also has a ‘cousin’ on board, what about the rest of her relations? I suspect they are far from supportive. This story is fiction; a deliberate deception from start to finish that is glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Update: 22/02/2013:

Have a look at the post number 108 on page 6 written by one Thomas Golembiewski;

I nearly fell of my chair laughing, talk about gullible.