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What is wrong with Ms. Woods?! Who is she kidding?! Why?! How much more vile can she get?!

Ms. Woods, you have been caught out. Your Grandmother has been caught out. Stop! Do the decent thing, and stop!

It is sickening to see your attempt at backtracking over the recent DNA test results. Stop trying to pretend there is a need for any second set of testing. The results are in, they are incontrovertible, your Grandmother was NOT Helen Loraine Allison, end of story, the train has arrived at its destination.

To continue with this disgraceful charade is utterly contemptible. Now all you are trying to achieve is the denigration of the Allison and Graham families along with that of Tracy Oost’s professional abilities and integrity.

You keep alluding to (well, ok, alluding is not strong enough a word, more like SHOUTING ABOUT), alleged unsavoury behaviour of certain Allison and Graham family members, who are no longer with us.

Whatever you think you have on them, it automatically pales into insignificance against the attempted fraud being perpetrated against them. Do you expect them not to have done anything to protect their families? Do you really believe they should have just accepted the Kramer claims? Can you imagine how hard it must have been for them to be confronted with such a disturbing and disgraceful situation? Apart from all that, Ms. Woods, why do you think anyone should even trust the authenticity of ANYTHING, (bit of shouting for you there), you have? Frauds are carried out by fraudulent actions and means, how could anyone be willing to trust their integrity?

Stop this now. Enough.