I accept that Margaret Thatcher was the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister; I accept that to some, she was a superb leader and that she did her best for the U.K. It is also true that many, including myself, I admit, thought and still think that her polices did much harm and that harm is still being felt.

Now that she has passed away I bare her no ill will; she was, after all, elected and she followed policies she believed in; the electorate clearly agreed, at least for many years; I hate her politics, not her or her party.

The government has decided to pay for Mrs. Thatcher’s funeral, a cost of, we are told, some Ten Million Pounds (£10,000,000). How can this be right? She chose to stand for election and the electorate made her a Member of Parliament, a position for which she was paid and on becoming Prime Minister she was paid a larger amount. Being a Member of Parliament is voluntary and also an honour. We are living in times of great financial hardships and have been forced to accept cut backs. If anyone else passes away and there is a family and/or estate left behind, who pays for the funeral? The family or estate does and rightly so. Why then are we being made to pay for Mrs. Thatcher’s Funeral?

I say it is wrong and I would say the same if she had been somebody I admired. I do not expect to have my funeral paid for by the state, nobody else I know of would expect theirs to be either; why should we? By all means make sure there is security; that, I agree, should be paid for from the public purse; but not the funeral.