Who can speak or act for God? Not you, not me, not anyone.

Any person who claims to be speaking or acting on behalf of God has no right to do so.

Religion is not the cause of hatred, of crusades, of suicide or other killings, no, people are. People who purport to speak or act on behalf of God.

When an individual, a group, a race of people and/or followers of any religion are oppressed or put to death, no matter how these things are done, on the orders of or with the blessing of any religious leader no matter how high up they may be and that leader orders or gives blessing ‘through speaking or acting on behalf of God’ then they are doing so without any rights.

To help you think these things over I ask you to consider a few things that spring to mind.

  • So many people have claimed to be speaking or acting for God over the centuries and not all that they have preached in God’s name has matched. How can this be right, if they have God’s blessing to say what they do? How can we 100% certain that these people are being honest with us?
  • What God would want us to hurt mentally, physically or kill any other person even if those killed are innocent of anything because they are children, for example? Can you honestly believe that God would look upon the deeds of a killer, a killer who did so in God’s name and say;

“Well done, you killed some children and some other people without even finding out their beliefs and feelings in my name. Well done”;

“I am God, I am love. Go kill in my name, do not talk, do not accept that life is more than one colour, more than one set of ideals. Do not accept that I made variety in my people and my world. No, speak for me, act for me, and go kill others that you, yes you, think I might not agree with”.

Really, is this the God you recognise?

Believe me, I do NOT speak for God and neither do you, no matter who you are.