How do you think the world functions? I mean politically. A word I use with all its wide-ranging connotations. Are we all separate entities dependant on no others to make or help make our lives easier, better or even possible?

Do you wish that your state, county, country, region etc were independent from all others? Totally self-governing, self-sufficient in all things and able to protect itself from the aggression of peoples who live outside?

Do you believe it would be possible? Is every country and regions within, able to survive and sustain themselves without any help of any kind from any other country or region?

Where do we get our food from, our supplies for making all the things we need or desire to make our lives better? Who pays or helps to pay for these things? Does your country or region function purely from its own internally generated income? Does your country or region depend on another for, let’s say, disposing of its waste? Or maybe for containing the station that generates the electricity which you use?

Do you truly believe, more importantly, can you be no less than 100% certain that your country, region, etc, etc exist and survive independently?

I have offered no opinion of my own as yet but am hoping that should you, for example, want your county to become a country or for your country to split from a current union, that you have examined and honestly assessed all angles required to make it fully possible.