What is the problem with many online administrators and moderators?

My wife has just been booted from a Facebook group simply because she pointed out to another contributor why she disagreed with a point they made. I promise she was not in any way rude. She is a very mild-mannered person to say the least.

I have witnessed this kind of thing many, many times over the years not just to my wife or myself but to others aswell.

Often to be, ‘booted’ or ‘told off,’ is due to having the gall to challenge one of who can usually be described as  the ‘In’ crowd, maybe somebody well-known.

It seems as though one must suck up to them. Never challenge them, no matter how vociferous they have been against you in their own posts.

Why be so afraid of having ones views, ideas, etc challenged if it is done so out of a desire to have a debate or to make a polite point in the hope for a polite reply and explanation?

It bugs the cr*p out of me. I have been an active politician in the past and never, ever minded being challenged and having to explain myself. Why should I have minded. Likewise when I enter into an online debate or wish to comment on a topic, I have no problem with being challenged. All I ask and expect is that I am treated with the same politeness and respect for others that I show them.

If some site Administrators and Moderators wish only for the compliant, brown-nose, never dissent against the ‘In’ crowd or the seemingly holy ones who are ‘experts,’ then what is the point?

Debate, proper debate and the sharing of views and ideas is healthy.

No matter what a site, blog or some other online medium for the sharing of ideas and information is about, no matter how trivial a subject might be considered. It can only benefit from a true openness to the sharing of differing opinions and ideas and real debate.