Most of us use banks, we don’t usually have a choice. It often comes as a condition of employment. I guess they have their uses such as allowing us to set up bill payments, a place to keep large sums (if you have any) of money, safe.

Because we use them they make money for themselves, I have no problem with that per se. What I do have a problem with is banks pretending they are there to do us all favours. The adverts they produce are excruciatingly patronizing.

Face it, if you are one of the majority who do not have a great deal of cash to spare, if any, then banks are most certainly not on your side. They charge us ridiculous and frankly greedy sums of money for the smallest of overdrafts. If we have financial difficulties above our norm then the wonderful banks are even more ruthless. My bank charges £1 a day for agreed overdrafts, go over that and it’s £5 a day. Ok, you say, do not have an overdraft or if you do then do not exceed it. Fine, I agree to a point. But what I do not agree with is the untenable sums charged and what is the main point of this post, the pretending that they care about us.

Why don’t they just admit that they are about profit making for the shareholders and to generate a cut for the bosses. I get it, banks are a business, great. But that is all they are, they are not, as they pretend to be, altruistic utopian style organizations out only to make our lives better.

Who gives you extra? Maybe banks do, but at a cost.