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What is wrong with Ms. Woods?! Who is she kidding?! Why?! How much more vile can she get?!

Ms. Woods, you have been caught out. Your Grandmother has been caught out. Stop! Do the decent thing, and stop!

It is sickening to see your attempt at backtracking over the recent DNA test results. Stop trying to pretend there is a need for any second set of testing. The results are in, they are incontrovertible, your Grandmother was NOT Helen Loraine Allison, end of story, the train has arrived at its destination.

To continue with this disgraceful charade is utterly contemptible. Now all you are trying to achieve is the denigration of the Allison and Graham families along with that of Tracy Oost’s professional abilities and integrity.

You keep alluding to (well, ok, alluding is not strong enough a word, more like SHOUTING ABOUT), alleged unsavoury behaviour of certain Allison and Graham family members, who are no longer with us.

Whatever you think you have on them, it automatically pales into insignificance against the attempted fraud being perpetrated against them. Do you expect them not to have done anything to protect their families? Do you really believe they should have just accepted the Kramer claims? Can you imagine how hard it must have been for them to be confronted with such a disturbing and disgraceful situation? Apart from all that, Ms. Woods, why do you think anyone should even trust the authenticity of ANYTHING, (bit of shouting for you there), you have? Frauds are carried out by fraudulent actions and means, how could anyone be willing to trust their integrity?

Stop this now. Enough.


I accept that Margaret Thatcher was the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister; I accept that to some, she was a superb leader and that she did her best for the U.K. It is also true that many, including myself, I admit, thought and still think that her polices did much harm and that harm is still being felt.

Now that she has passed away I bare her no ill will; she was, after all, elected and she followed policies she believed in; the electorate clearly agreed, at least for many years; I hate her politics, not her or her party.

The government has decided to pay for Mrs. Thatcher’s funeral, a cost of, we are told, some Ten Million Pounds (£10,000,000). How can this be right? She chose to stand for election and the electorate made her a Member of Parliament, a position for which she was paid and on becoming Prime Minister she was paid a larger amount. Being a Member of Parliament is voluntary and also an honour. We are living in times of great financial hardships and have been forced to accept cut backs. If anyone else passes away and there is a family and/or estate left behind, who pays for the funeral? The family or estate does and rightly so. Why then are we being made to pay for Mrs. Thatcher’s Funeral?

I say it is wrong and I would say the same if she had been somebody I admired. I do not expect to have my funeral paid for by the state, nobody else I know of would expect theirs to be either; why should we? By all means make sure there is security; that, I agree, should be paid for from the public purse; but not the funeral.



Who can speak or act for God? Not you, not me, not anyone.

Any person who claims to be speaking or acting on behalf of God has no right to do so.

Religion is not the cause of hatred, of crusades, of suicide or other killings, no, people are. People who purport to speak or act on behalf of God.

When an individual, a group, a race of people and/or followers of any religion are oppressed or put to death, no matter how these things are done, on the orders of or with the blessing of any religious leader no matter how high up they may be and that leader orders or gives blessing ‘through speaking or acting on behalf of God’ then they are doing so without any rights.

To help you think these things over I ask you to consider a few things that spring to mind.

  • So many people have claimed to be speaking or acting for God over the centuries and not all that they have preached in God’s name has matched. How can this be right, if they have God’s blessing to say what they do? How can we 100% certain that these people are being honest with us?
  • What God would want us to hurt mentally, physically or kill any other person even if those killed are innocent of anything because they are children, for example? Can you honestly believe that God would look upon the deeds of a killer, a killer who did so in God’s name and say;

“Well done, you killed some children and some other people without even finding out their beliefs and feelings in my name. Well done”;

“I am God, I am love. Go kill in my name, do not talk, do not accept that life is more than one colour, more than one set of ideals. Do not accept that I made variety in my people and my world. No, speak for me, act for me, and go kill others that you, yes you, think I might not agree with”.

Really, is this the God you recognise?

Believe me, I do NOT speak for God and neither do you, no matter who you are.

How do you think the world functions? I mean politically. A word I use with all its wide-ranging connotations. Are we all separate entities dependant on no others to make or help make our lives easier, better or even possible?

Do you wish that your state, county, country, region etc were independent from all others? Totally self-governing, self-sufficient in all things and able to protect itself from the aggression of peoples who live outside?

Do you believe it would be possible? Is every country and regions within, able to survive and sustain themselves without any help of any kind from any other country or region?

Where do we get our food from, our supplies for making all the things we need or desire to make our lives better? Who pays or helps to pay for these things? Does your country or region function purely from its own internally generated income? Does your country or region depend on another for, let’s say, disposing of its waste? Or maybe for containing the station that generates the electricity which you use?

Do you truly believe, more importantly, can you be no less than 100% certain that your country, region, etc, etc exist and survive independently?

I have offered no opinion of my own as yet but am hoping that should you, for example, want your county to become a country or for your country to split from a current union, that you have examined and honestly assessed all angles required to make it fully possible.

What is the problem with many online administrators and moderators?

My wife has just been booted from a Facebook group simply because she pointed out to another contributor why she disagreed with a point they made. I promise she was not in any way rude. She is a very mild-mannered person to say the least.

I have witnessed this kind of thing many, many times over the years not just to my wife or myself but to others aswell.

Often to be, ‘booted’ or ‘told off,’ is due to having the gall to challenge one of who can usually be described as  the ‘In’ crowd, maybe somebody well-known.

It seems as though one must suck up to them. Never challenge them, no matter how vociferous they have been against you in their own posts.

Why be so afraid of having ones views, ideas, etc challenged if it is done so out of a desire to have a debate or to make a polite point in the hope for a polite reply and explanation?

It bugs the cr*p out of me. I have been an active politician in the past and never, ever minded being challenged and having to explain myself. Why should I have minded. Likewise when I enter into an online debate or wish to comment on a topic, I have no problem with being challenged. All I ask and expect is that I am treated with the same politeness and respect for others that I show them.

If some site Administrators and Moderators wish only for the compliant, brown-nose, never dissent against the ‘In’ crowd or the seemingly holy ones who are ‘experts,’ then what is the point?

Debate, proper debate and the sharing of views and ideas is healthy.

No matter what a site, blog or some other online medium for the sharing of ideas and information is about, no matter how trivial a subject might be considered. It can only benefit from a true openness to the sharing of differing opinions and ideas and real debate.







HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Most of them make me NOT want to buy the products. Ok, I feel better now. Until the next advert comes on.

Who and what do you think politicians are? A race apart from the rest of us, maybe? A bunch of people just out for themselves?  Maybe you have some other description?

Do you find yourself thinking ‘Why bother to vote?.”

Have you ever thought of standing for election yourself? Perhaps at a local level. Have you something to offer? Do you think you have ideas that need to be put into practice?

Or do you think it is alright to just slag off anyone else who actually does bother to stand for election? People who are put into office whether local or national because the electorate put them there. The electorate, that is you. But the electorate also have the right to stand for election.

Stop moaning about what is wrong, stand up, be counted, stand for election.